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Wedding suppliers in Australia are pooling their resources to donate to My Wedding Wish’s magical “white weddings”, to deserving couples who are battling terminal or life threatening illnesses or life circumstances.

Since 2013, wedding suppliers on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba have come together to gift full ‘white weddings’ valued at approximately $24,000 each, and small wedding packages (valued at approximately $12,000 each), to couples who are battling terminal or life threatening illnesses.  Our suppliers are generous of spirit and ask for nothing in return, many do not ask for acknowledgements when the media becomes involved, and they donate their product or services because of their desire to give a hand out to couples in need.  Founder, Celebrant Lynette Maguire, says a key value of My Wedding Wish is that “everyone deserves a beautiful wedding”.  The suppliers agree!

Couples can make application to for a Wedding Wish in one of two ways:

  1. Medical: where one or both parties has a terminal illness or life-threatening illness
  2. Special Circumstances: where one or both parties has suffered extreme hardship (for example, the couple may have lost their house in a cyclone)
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Chrissy and her girls – getting ready to be married at Maleny Manor in December 2013


My Wedding Wish is open to couples wanting to be legally married (*must be able to meet the legal requirements), same sex couples wanting a commitment ceremony, or married couples wanting a renewal of vows.  The My Wedding Wish application can be downloaded here or obtained by emailing Lynette on and all applications must be supported by medical proof of the illness.

My Wedding Wish does not gift weddings due to financial hardship or job loss.  Applications are accepted all year.

Receipt of all applications is acknowledged by email and if successful, the My Wedding Wish team of suppliers are called upon to opt in or opt out – so package sizes and values may vary.   Please read the terms and conditions on the application form.


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