My Wedding Wish

My Wedding Wish is an organisation where couples who are facing terminal illness can apply to receive a fully gifted wedding.

Wedding suppliers in Australia are pooling their resources to donate to My Wedding Wish and they are “making dreams come true”.

Since 2013, wedding suppliers on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba have come together to gift over 10 weddings’ valued at over $250,000 combined, to couples who are battling terminal or life threatening illnesses.

Our suppliers are generous of spirit and ask for nothing in return, many do not ask for acknowledgements when the media becomes involved, and they donate their product or services because of their desire to give a hand out to couples in need.
Our couples are all unique and treated with respect and love, not pity. The weddings that they receive are run by professionals and leaders in their fields. The coming together of family and friends sees all of them grow bigger than their situation.

Founder, Celebrant Lynette Maguire, says a key value of My Wedding Wish is that “everyone deserves a beautiful wedding”.  The suppliers and sponsors agree!

Watch some of our inspirational wedding videos where love really does conquer all.

My Wedding Wish Wedding 2013 // Christina + Nathan from Normy B – Divine Studios on Vimeo.

My Wedding Wish – Andy & Emma – Divine Studios from Normy B – Divine Studios on Vimeo.

My Wedding Wish Wedding // Stephanie + DJ from Normy B – Divine Studios on Vimeo.